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There is no doubt that worms are a common cause of concern for any dog. But some worms are easier to detect compared to others. When your dog, for instance, has tapeworm, it can be easily identified by observing its stool. On the other hand, Heart-worms are tougher to detect since a dog infected with it, will only show subtle signs until the infection is in advanced stages.

Check out these common symptoms to know if your dog has worms or not.

  • Vomiting If your dog is infected with worms, it may throw up quite often. When your dog has roundworms, they may even show in the vomit.
  • Coughing When your dog is infected with heart-worms and the infection is at an advanced stage, it can develop a cough. A dog that has roundworms and hookworms can also keep coughing frequently.
  • Falling Energy Levels When you find your dog less active than it usually is and feels lethargic, this may be a sign of worms.
  • Diarrhea Canine diarrhea and soft stools is also a symptom of worms. In addition to diarrhea, your dog may even discharge blood in its stool if it is infected with hookworms.
  • Sudden Change In Your Dog’s Appetite When you observe that your dog’s appetite has changed all of a sudden, it may be due to roundworms. Many dogs lose their appetite when they come in contact with worms. Worms can steal nutrients from your dog.
  • Loss In Weight Is your dog showing symptoms of rapid weight loss? It may have been infected with tapeworm.
  • Skin Irritations And Itching If your dog exhibits symptoms of skin irritation, it may be severely infested with worms
  • Rubbing its behind on the ground Dogs with worms may rub their rear ends on the ground to relieve the itch due to worms.

Worms are not to be taken lightly. In case worms are not treated, they can damage the internal organs of your dog leading to loss of consciousness or even death.

Take preventive measures on a regular basis, look at your dogs stool to make sure nothing there looks suspicions, and if you suspect worms – take your dog to the nearest vet to get checked.