There is a common misconception that some dogs pull on their leash all the time since they want to lead the pack and be dominant. This misconception is related to another myth that believes that an owner should always walk ahead of his dog. In case the dog moves ahead of him, chances are that it is trying to challenge the authority of the handler or does not respect its owner.

Several behavior professionals and trainers have put forward some interesting reasons for your dog trying to pull its leash every now and then.

  • Your dog is faster than you are

Have you ever tried to win a race while competing with your pet dog? If you have done that, you know how fast it is.

  • It works for them

Your dog could be pulling the leash since it works. They feel that this way they can go wherever they want to. Since your dog is a hedonist, typical of its species, it does whatever it feels it needs to, to be happy. Plus, your dog could be thinking that human beings are fond of moving on a tight leash since it loves to do so all the time.

  • They find the environment around them more exciting than their handler

Your dog is most likely in the home most of the day. The walks outside are the few opportunities it has to explore the world, and time is limited. SO when something is of special interest, it will try to get there.


What to do?Β  Train you dog and give them ample opportunity to be outside.

Your dog is not naturally inclined to walk on a loose leash and be patient while outside. It is our responsibility as human owners to train our dogs, through positive reinforcement, how to walk and behave outside. Moreover, it is also our responsibility to provide our dogs with the activity, stimulus, and avenues to explore the world and burn off that energy that have.

Make sure your dog gets to go outside enough to explore, and take him to the off-leash Dog Park or back yard to make sure they get the opportunity to run and explore.

Have fun!

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