Hear Yea, Hear Yea: Starting April 1 of the year 2017, King County will start enforcing pet licenses door-to-door.


king and dogs


King County has shared that canvassers will do door-to-door visits with residents to talk about the benefits of pet licensing and of course to ensure that pets are properly licensed.

This activity will take place on the weekends between April and October by Regional Animal Services of King Country in collaboration with local cities. King Country requires that All cats and dogs eight weeks and older be licensed with King County.

While you may think pet licenses are not required and are just some sort of fee, they actually help protect your beloved pet, and help provide important pet care and control services in our area.

For example, if your pet gets lost, the license number on their tag can help the county find you and reunite you. Yes, there are also microchips and other collar tags that can do that, but redundancy is good to have.

Moreover, the fees for the license help support pet shelters and adoption centers’ fund country staff that go out to investigate animal cruelty and neglect, and even prosecute those humans that are responsible for that activity.

So all in all, not only is the pet license a requirement, it is a benefit to us and our pets in general. Better yet, the county has made it really easy to get and renew. Simply go online and get it done. And if that is not how you like to do things, there are plenty of others ways to get it to like mail, phone, etc.

If you happen to not have yet license yet, or need to renew it, click HERE and get it done before the good folks of the county of King come by and say hello…