About Us

Strut the Pup was started in 2009 right here in Seattle with one goal in mind: provide top-quality, reliable and professional pet care services to Western Washington pet owners who consider their pets an important and integral part of their family.

We pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our clients and their pets. As a client, if you ever have a pet care question or special need, you have someone to call who is always available to try and help.

Did You Know?

  • OUR DOG WALKERS and pet sitters are trained in Pet First Aid. Things happen and it is good to know that your dog walker is trained in what to do, when they do.​​​​​​​
  • WE TAKE PRIDE in our work and commitment. Our dog walkers and pet sitters are actual employees of the company earning a living wage and benefits such as sick leave. Together we are fully committed to you and your pets.
  • WE TAKE OUR RESPONSIBILITIES seriously. Not everyone gets to work for Strut The Pup and care for your pets. Those who pass our stringent pre-employment checks and get hired, go through professional training to proudly boast the title of Pack Leader.

Meet Your Pack Leaders!

einat seattle dog walker

My name is Einat, and I have the pleasure of leading Strut The Pup.

After a successful career in general management, corporate sales and business development in the metals industry, I decided on a career change that would afford me time to spend with my three children – I transitioned into childcare.

For 5 years I worked at a private school educating, teaching, and most importantly caring for young children while their parents were hard at work.

At that point, I decided to bring that same level of responsibility, caring, and love that we are used to seeing with our children, to your pets.

I also served for two years in the Air Force and got my BA in Business while living in England.

scott dog walker seattle

My name is Scott, and I’ve been all about dogs for as long as I can remember.

My family has always owned corgis, but whenever we’d visit friends or family with dogs you bet I’d be fast friends with them.

While attending the UW (go Dawgs) I spent two summers working for a groomer, which was fun but didn’t allow me to spend much time socializing with the dogs.

Now I get to hang out with dogs all day! This is truly a dream job for me.

seattle dog walker leah

My name is Leah, and I’ve cared for all kinds of animals throughout my life: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, you name it! And I love them all.

I’m really excited to give excellent service to pet-owners and pets, giving them peace of mind knowing their beloved family is in loving hands while they are away.

I currently have a 9-year-old black Lab/Weimaraner mix who pretty much adopted me, not the other way around. He’s incredibly sweet, energetic, and does not act like the senior he is!

dog walker seattle jennifer

My name is Jennifer, and I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up, my family had many pets including a toy poodle, an adopted stray dog that looked a lot like a Yorkshire Terrier, a guinea pig, a rabbit, hamsters, parakeets and fish.

My passion for animals also includes horses. I spent many years volunteering at horse farms in exchange for riding lessons. I have watched a farm for an entire weekend which meant being responsible for 15 horses, 7 dogs, 3 cats, a pot belly pig and a goat!

Currently, I have two cats that keep me company – Liddy who was adopted from a shelter and Red who was adopted from the Kentucky wilderness while on a camping trip.

I enjoy every minute I get to spend with animals, and I consider myself lucky to call your pets part of my extended family.

seattle dog walker

My name is Annika. I moved to Seattle from Eastern Washington where I earned a Computer Technician Certificate.

I come from a family who loves dogs and have about a decade (give or take) of experience with taking those precious good boys out on walks in the orchard.

I used to take care of neighbors and friends’ pets while they were away and I once saved a dog’s life by hearing its distress yips far away.

gina dog walker seattle

My name is Gina. I absolutely love pets/all animals.

I have two dogs of my own and have watched over many of my friend’s and family’s pets in the past.

I graduated from the University of Washington with a psychology degree.

Ashton Dog Walker Seattle

My name is Ashton. After spending 5 years working at tech startups in San Francisco, I moved back to Seattle to earn my Graphic Design certificate.

Working with dogs has always been a big part of my life ever since my mother took me to walk shelter dogs at age 10.

I have had the pleasure of raising a German Shepard and a Bernese Mountain Dog and have experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dogs have always been a giant part of my life and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my days.

chema dog walker seattle

My name is Chema. I am a dog and animal lover.

I live with my girlfriend and our short haired exotic cat named Cupcake.

I am currently studying for the LSATS and plan on starting law school in 2018.

When I am not having fun with your great dogs, I like to produce music on my computer and go for hikes.

dog walker seattle

My name is Bridget, and I am an experienced dog owner (I have an 8-year old Pitbull mix) and absolutely love dogs.

I have experience in various aspects of caring for dogs and volunteered at an animal shelter walking and exercising the dogs too.

Before joining Strut The Pup, I worked at Mary’s Place assisting families experiencing homelessness.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Rutgers University in NJ, and am currently studying at the University of Washington for my Master’s degree in Social Work (Go Dawgs!).

seattle dog walker diane

My name is Diane, and I am originally from the Midwest where I began my journey with dogs as a volunteer trainer. It was when I relocated to the UK in 2003 that I focused my full attention on the advanced study of dogs through the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior & Training (CIDBT).

I earned my certification from the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior & Training, am a full member of the Canine & Feline Behavior Association (CFBA) of Great Britain, and have an accredited masters degree in Breed-Specific Behavior from Middlesex University in London.

seattle dog walker janet

My name is Janet, and I am currently attending doctorate school.

I always have time for you and your pet family. I have over 8 years of serving neighbors, friends and homes in and out of the Seattle area. I have owned many pets in my lifetime and I have adored them all.

Pet care brings me back to those moments, loving, caring, and being there for my own pets. I have spent over 4 years taking care of horses on my own ranch, along with our ranch dogs and cats.

Over a lifetime, I have taken care of Dogs, Cats, Horses, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits, Birds, Pygmy Goats, Reptiles, Fish and more.

seattle dog walker job

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