Leashed French bulldog on a walk in Seattle, and a golden retriever playing

Why should I hire Strut The Pup?

We are one of the most experienced pet care companies in the Puget Sound area and we treat each client, pet, and employee like family. Our staff are actual company employees making a living wage and earning benefits like sick leave. They go through training and certifications to have the title of Pack Leader. You always know who is coming to your home.

Our team is proven to be dependable, reliable and trustworthy. We take personal relationships with our clients and pets very seriously. You can reach Einat (the owner) on her mobile and talk to her directly at any time. Don’t just take our word for it – feel free to browse our testimonials, ask for references, or see our various reviews online.

What makes Strut The Pup different?

This is our job! We provide pet care and dog walking services as a full time company. We are not a few people doing this in our free time or only when we’re free from another job.

  • Our staff are employees of the company. We don’t subcontract out your pet care or dog walk.
  • Our staff are real pet care professionals. We have a unique, ongoing training program our employees undertake. In addition to the wealth of experience, each one of our staff members brings with them, they each receive intense on-the-job training, including work in basic canine behavior, puppy training, and certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. We have fun jobs, but we take our responsibility seriously.
  • We are not a ‘sharing economy’ company. Our employees work for the company making a living wage and earning benefits such as sick leave.
    We transport your dogs and pets in company owned and commercially insured vans. This provides for a comfortable, roomy, and safe ride.
  • We are a pet care and dog walking company that uses technology as a tool. We are not an ‘app company’ that happens to walk dogs. With us, your pets come first.
  • We’re involved with and regularly give back to pet and animal welfare groups including The Seattle Humane Society and others.
  • We support our veterans and active duty with discounted services, jobs, and more.

If these sound like your values too, Strut the Pup might be the best match for your pet care needs.

What should I ask when looking for a dog walker or pet sitter?

First, make sure you interview the company leader and proposed walker/sitter. These are people you will be caring for your loved one and entering your home on a regular basis. Why would you not get to meet them and talk to them first?

Make sure to ask:

  • Who will be taking care of my pet?
  • Are they experienced?
  • Is this their main job and focus or a ‘supplemental income’ gig?
  • How many dogs go at once to an on-leash walk or the off-leash park? Is it manageable? Is it safe?
  • Can the dogs at the park do whatever they want or is there some structure to maintain fun and safety?
  • If my pet gets hurt accidentally, does the dog walker or pet sitter have any pet first aid training?
  • How do you transport my dog to/from the park? Is it in the back of your personal car or do you have a dedicated van? Is your vehicle commercially insured for transporting pets as a business?

What are your hours? When are you available?

Pets don’t take days off, so how can we?

We provide service all day, every day – including holidays (yes, even Christmas day if you are away from home) and weekends. We also do overnights at your home so we are not really bound by hours…

We’re flexible – just let us know what you need and we will do our best to support you!

Can you provide care when I am on vacation?

We sure do! And at your home as well so your pets are where they are the most comfortable and safe…

Just give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

Do you do on-leash group walks?

No! Not unless the dogs are yours.

We believe in personal attention for YOUR dog/s and performing a safe activity in an urban environment. Doing ‘mass’ leashed dog walks is not our thing.

Is Strut The Pup a chain or franchise? Is it a startup?

No! Strut the Pup was founded right here in the Puget Sound in 2009 and built from the ground up. It is a woman-owned and operated local business.

When you entrust your pets to us, you will be dealing with local family ownership and local employees.

When you use Strut the Pup you can rest assured that your money stays local and supports the Puget Sound economy.

What happens if it's rainy or snowy out?

Hey, this is the Pacific Northwest – if we let less than comfortable weather stop us, we wouldn’t last very long!

We are out and about every day, regardless of the weather. If conditions are unsafe for travel for your pets or our employees (such as extreme storms), we will notify you as early as possible that your scheduled visits may be modified, delayed or canceled.

How do you transfer dogs to the park or other places?

Strut The Pup owns dedicated large vans that we use to transport your dogs to/from the park or other transportation needs you may have.

And we of course keep the vans maintained and commercially insured.

We don’t do the ‘stick ’em in the back of my car and hope for the best’ thing…

What areas do we serve?

We are all over the Puget Sound…or at least we try to be.

If you happen to be in an area that we do not currently serve, we will do everything we can to help you. Look at it this way, you could be the first customer in that particular area…a trendsetter!

You aren't the cheapest service...are you worth it?

We and our customers have found, that like with many others things, you get what you pay for. With Strut The Pup:

  • You get caregivers and walkers who are screened, trained, and certified including pet First Aid and CPR.
  • You get caregivers and walkers that are fully employed by the company making a living wage and earning benefits such as sick leave. We do not subcontract out your service.
  • You and your pets will see the same caregiver and walker. We don’t drive you or our team crazy with ever-changing and random staff.
  • Your pets are transported in comfortable and commercially insured company vans.
  • You are working with a local business that is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

So yes, we may not be the cheapest, but you get a lot more value from us.