Per Walk (à la carte):
30 minutes – $25.20
45 minutes – $32.55
60 minutes – $43.05
Add a Dog – $9

20-Walk Passport*:
30 minutes – $456.80 ($22.84/walk)
45 minutes – $588 ($29.40/walk)
60 minutes – $777 ($38.85/walk)
Add a Dog – $140 ($7/walk)

Per Park Adventure (à la carte) – $35

20-Park Adventure Passport* – $600 ($30/adventure)

All park adventures are 60 minutes of fun time at the park

Overnight in-home stay: 1-2 pets (à la carte) – $79
Add a pet – $5

20-Overnight Passport* 1-2 pets – $1400 ($70/overnight)
Add a pet – $40 ($2/pet)

One night stay is from 7:00PM to 7:00AM the following morning. Stay includes an evening walk, potty outing before bed time, and a morning walk before leaving. Mail collection, plant watering, and light changes are all included as part of the service.

Per Visit (à la carte):
30 minutes – $25.20
45 minutes – $32.55
60 minutes – $43.05
Add a Pet – $6

20-Visit Passport*:
30 minutes – $456.80 ($22.84/visit)
45 minutes – $588 ($29.40/visit)
60 minutes – $777 ($38.85/visit)
Add a Pet – $120 ($6/visit)

Basic Obedience Package (5 hours): $500
Designed to create a strong framework for puppies or young dogs needing basic obedience. In-home, private training is more effective than group classes.

One 60-minute in-home consultation with the trainer to set goals, get hands-on demonstrations of training methods and receive training guide.

Six 30-minute training sessions to work one-on-one with the dog.

One 60-minute hand-off session with owner/s and dog.

Customized training manual and a personalized binder.

Phone and email support during training and for 14 days following final session.

($295 each additional dog in household if sessions are scheduled consecutively)

Behavior Management Training (2 hours): $310
For dogs that are destructive, suffer from separation anxiety, are overly aggressive or have other behavior problems. Plans are custom-tailored.
2-hour in-home consultation with trainer. Discuss and establish training options and goals. After consultation trainer will develop a custom program for you and your dog. You will receive a customized training manual. Includes 14 days phone and email support.

$190 each additional dog in household

Follow On In-Home Training Sessions:
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $150

1-1 training sessions with you and/or your dog/s. Ask questions or demonstrations from trainer, or have trainer work independently with your dog. Available only after initial Training Consultation is complete. Your training manual will include recommendations for in-home training sessions based on your needs and goals.

Additional dogs trained in home $50 if scheduled consecutively.

Advanced Obedience Training: Contact us for pricing
For dogs that have mastered basic obedience commands. May include off-leash send away and recall to heel, distance commands, “Go to bed”, Locate, or any agreed custom commands. We do not currently offer hunting or agility training.

Puppy Package (à la carte) – $38.90
Add a Puppy – $9

20-Puppy Package Passport* – $704 ($35.20/day)
Add a Puppy – $120 ($6/day)

A Puppy Care Package includes two visits per day:
a 30-minute AM visit and a 15-minute PM visit

* Passport is prepaid, requires a minimum of 3 walks per week, and valid for 2 months except for Overnight that is valid for 6 months. Unused services do not roll over. Passports are not a gift card and are non-refundable.
Holiday, Weekend, and Evening Premiums

Weekend: 50% extra

Holiday: 100% extra

Evening (6PM or later): 50% extra

Premiums are not combined.
If a Holiday is on a weekend, only the Holiday premium applies.

Cancellation Terms

All Services (except Overnights)
0-24 business hours: 100% fee is due
24 business hours or more – no charge

0 – 48 business hours before service: 100% fee is due
2 – 7 days before service: 50% of fee is due
8 days or more before a service: no charge

ALL Holiday Cancellations:
8 days before ANY Holiday service: 100% fee is due
9-14 days before ANY Holiday service: 50% fee is due
15 days or more before ANY Holiday service: no charge

New Customer Discounts

Veterans and Active Duty: 5% off

Rescue Pets: 5% off

Discounts are not combined