Two golden retrievers, a shiba inu, and a cat staying at home with pet sitter in Seattle

This is my home

Your pet stays in your own comfortable and familiar home. No fear, no anxiety, just another great night in their great life. And your home is looked after, too…

Included in the overnight stay is an evening walk, a potty outing before bedtime, and a morning walk before leaving.

Your pet won’t stay in an unfamiliar location, among many other pets, exposed to various diseases, and with minimal attention….while at the same time, your home is left unattended and exposed.


Our in-home overnight sitting for your pets has our care giver spend the night at your home, allowing for quality time with your pet and a real presence at your home. During the stay and before leaving, we’ll also perform a general home check, pick up newspapers and mail, change lighting around the house, and ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure.