Black Newfoundland puppy chews on bone with pet sitter in Seattle

Your growing puppy

Your puppy has special needs, which is why we pioneered and created a tailored puppy visit package. Puppy visits include two daily visits with structured basic behavior training and socialization.

Puppies will get a 30-minute visit with a walk in the morning and a shorter 15-minute potty break with play time in the afternoon to balance out their day.

We’ll of course also take care of waste pick-up, doggy drying on wet Pacific Northwest days, provide medicines, and feed and provide fresh water on request.


Each day your pack leader will work with your puppy on various behavior aspects such as:

  • Paying attention and responding to voice
  • Basic on-leash manners (making eye contact, waiting for commands, etc.)
  • Structured play time and taking a break
  • Receiving treats with a soft mouth
  • Not jumping up or demanding attention
  • Any special exercises you need our help with

We also offer more structured obedience training walks with our certified canine behaviorist. Your puppy will learn excellent leash manners, including Heel, Wait, Easy, Stop, Finish (return to me) and more. Training walks can be done separately or integrated with our puppy plan.