Three dogs swim and play with balls in Seattle off-leash dog parks

Let’s Do This!

Your pup will join an experienced Strut The Pup pack leader and a small pack of furry friends for an hour-long adventure at the off-leash park. Great for dogs with extra energy that love to play fetch and swim!

We don’t treat the park as simply a wild play area for our pack members. While at the park, we regularly work on off-leash recall, closely monitor all pack members’ behavior AT ALL TIMES, and even institute timeouts (on-leash time with the Pack Leader) when necessary. We have fun, but maintaining proper behavior of our pack is our number one priority. Our motto for the park is “positive play.”

We have requirements for new off-leash group members that we will test, including:

  • No history of aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Responsiveness to basic obedience commands, especially “come”
  • Up-to-date on all shots required by law
  • Be spayed/neutered
  • Wear a park-appropriate collar with current license and ID tags, including owner contact info


We own dedicated commercial vans that we use to transport your dogs to/from the park. Not only do the vans provide a comfortable and safe environment for your dogs as they ride to their fun day, the vans are also insured with full commercial vehicle insurance.