Caged bird peeks around toy, caged rabbits get cared for by Seattle pet sitter

Strut the…Pet!

We love animals…and so do you!

Cats and parrots, fish and bunnies, lizards, chickens and goats…yes, goats. We love them all and can be there for them when you can’t. Food, medicine, playing or simply keeping company, we will make sure your loved pets are well cared for while you are away at work, travel, or simply really busy.

We’ll come to your home to feed and refresh your pet’s water, clean cages and litter-boxes, administer medications, and chase a laser beam. Our service is available for ALL pets.

Before leaving we’ll also perform a general home check, pick up newspapers and mail, change lighting around the house, and ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure.

In-home visits are important to keep your pets and home healthy, secure and comfortable while you’re away.