Astor, Bear, and Bruno were all ‘elderly’ rescues when we took in to our home, and they made their way into our hearts. The type of dogs that most people don’t want to deal with, even those already willing to take in a rescue. Astor, an old German Shepard abandoned by his owner; Bear an old Newfoundland with hip dysplasia; and Bruno and old English Mastiff with more problems than we can detail. And while each of them did not spend a lifetime with us, the few years we had with each of them were amazing and rewarding more than we could have imagined. And now we have Sarge, another old German Shepard, rescued from a kill shelter in CA. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

All too many dogs of advanced years find themselves terrified and confused at shelters, where their chances of adoption are almost zero. They find themselves there for many reasons, from an owner’s death, a move, owners working much longer hours, trouble with small children in the home, or bad financial circumstances. Whatever the reason, these dogs find themselves alone, afraid, and less attractive than the cure puppy in the cage next door. With so many questions about their history and how it may affect their future at a home, people tend to avoid the risk.

That is where Old Dog Haven comes in.

Founded in 2004, they provide safe, loving homes for abandoned senior dogs who have almost zero chance of adoption in a shelter. They do not have a kennel; all the dogs live in homes as members of temporary or permanent (Final Refuge) families. They take dogs 8 years and older from shelters and occasionally from owners in Western Washington. They adopt out dogs that have a reasonable life expectancy; however, more than 90% of the dogs are Final Refuge (permanent foster) or hospice residents – too frail, old or sick for adoption. Old Dog Haven give these dogs a loving family and good quality of life in their final months, years, weeks or even days.

The Walk for Old Dogs is their biggest annual event and a fun time for all. The Walk is not a race but a promenade around the park to celebrate their senior dogs. Every penny raised at the Walk will be used to care for more than 300 dogs in permanent foster care.

This year the walk will take place Sunday, July 23 between 10:30 – 3:00 at Cromwell Park, 18030 Meridian Ave N, Shoreline, WA.

This team does amazing things and we are proud to sponsor their walk and we encourage you all to join.


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