Our Pack Leaders, our employees, have the pleasure of working every day with dogs, cats, parrots, and other animals that are cared for as equal members of the family. But not all animals enjoy this privilege – that of being loved, fed, blanketed, and cared for. Many animals find their way to shelters – and the numbers are growing and the caring organizations need help.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, many organizations use animals to help people, be it search dogs or therapy horses. They too need help to continue providing this crucial services.

So to try and help, even in a small way,  Strut The Pup launched this year our “Pack Leaders Give Back” program and this Thanksgiving weekend, our employees took part in it for the first time.

The program enables employees to select one or more animal related charities of their choosing, here in our region, and Strut The Pup will donate funds directly to them. No questions asked. No strings attached.

In addition, the company also matches employee giving in both funds and volunteer time.

For this first year of the program, thanks to our employees, we donated to six different charities in the Seattle area including:

(Go ahead and click on them to learn more about these great organizations.)

The pets we serve are blessed with fantastic owners who love them, care for them, and provide their every need. What a great privilege it is to be able to give to those animals less fortunate and to those animals that help care for our community.