Tips and Things to Think About When Taking Your Dog With

dog walker

Many of us view our dogs as an integral part of the family and enjoy taking them with us on our daily routines be it taking them to work, shopping, or to a restaurant. But what about when we go visit friends or other people?

Not everyone feels the same way we do, especially in their homes. So as dog owners we may want to take a few steps to ensure that our visit is a good one, and that includes caring about those that invited us over.

If you intend on taking your dog with you to a friend’s home, especially if there are other people invited as well, be considerate and think about potential issues. i.e. to other guests that were invited over, it may have not been clear that a furry animal would be sitting next to them. As a dog owner you should be considerate of the fact that some guests may be allergic to dogs. Others may be bothered by the fact that fur could fly into their drink or cover their clothes. But more times than not, the concern is simply disruption to one’s experience – not everyone is used to, or even likes, a furry animal staring at them and running between their feet all evening.

A few tips on what we as dog owners should do when thinking of taking our pooch with us to visit friends:

– First and foremost, don’t assume. Ask your friend in advance if it is ok and appropriate to bring your pet with you. There may be children present, allergies, cats, and more that you are not aware of, and brining Fluffy with you could create unneeded embarrassment and trouble. If you are not sure if invited, ask. Better to be told no or yes in advance than face an unpleasant circumstance.

– Before walking in make sure your dog has ‘done its business’ so that accidents don’t happen in the house. With that said, no matter how good Fido is, prepare for the worst. Be ready for some potty accidents. Some dogs like to mark new territory or simply will feel the urge to go in a new environment. Come ready for cleanup so that you don’t have to start asking for cleaning supplies.

– Make sure to bring your leash with you. If they have a yard, it may not be fenced.

– Try to find a seat away from the crowd and place your dog at the far side of the room away from others. If the house is crowded, either look for another place or ask the people you will be sitting next to if it is ok that you sit or stand there with you dog.

– Have your dog lay down and make sure to always be in control of the leash so that there are no surprise run offs or tripping.

– Don’t feed your dog in the house. You can always get a ‘doggie bag’ (pun intended), and give them leftovers later.

– And please … don’t tie your dog outside to a pole while you go in and have fun. That is unfair to your pet and can create both a noise and safety hazard outside.

– Having a tag with your name and phone number is also not a bad idea, just in case Poodles gets lost in an unknown neighborhood.

– Even if Pooky is invited over, don’t assume that having them at the dinner table is acceptable. Not everyone is used to, or likes, having pet hair or pet breath around them while they eat. Best is to assume they are not invited to the dinner table and leave them in another location in the house. By the way if you have a crate or bed where they feel comfortable staying, that is a good idea as it will present a known safe place for them in the overall new area.

Have fun!!

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